Wedding Preparation

Prepare for that special day!

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Can you envision yourself and your newly married spouse gliding across the dance floor embraced in your first post-wedding dance? We can!  My partner and I can prepare you, your fiancée, and/or your father and mother for those wedding dances that create memories that  lasts a lifetime.  

 Wedding Packages

  • A Choreographed Wedding Dance for Bride and Groom
  • Bride & Father Dance
  • A Dance for Groom & Mother (or with new in-laws)
  • A Dance for the Wedding Party
  • A Group Lesson at the Reception


  • Private Lessons for the bridal couple – 5 hours at $45 per hr.

An 8 hr. package receives a 5% discount.

      A 10 hr. package receives a 10% discount. 

  •    Private Lessons for Bride & Father or Groom & Mother – 3 hours at $45/hr. (You might add an extra hour at the rehearsal dinner + travel costs if off-island or south of Coupeville.)
  • Pre-Wedding Group Lessons for the Wedding Party – 4 class hours at $10 per person, per hr. Minimum of 6 people.  Learn 1 or 2 dances.
  • Large Group 1 hr Lesson at the reception to get everyone dancing – 2 instructors will come to teach at the reception - $100. (Additional travel costs will apply if off island or south of Coupeville.)

Recommended Dances: Waltz, Foxtrot, Rumba, or Tango. You pick your song or we can recommend many to choose from.