The consummate Disco Dance!

Used by Permission and adapted from the Dance Vision International Dance Association - American Style Rhythm Bronze Manual (MarB04).

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Dance Characteristics:

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Musical Information:

Time Signature: 4/4
Tempo:   112 -120  bpm
Count: &123, &123
Beat Value: 1/2 - 1 - 1 - 1/2
Alternative Teaching Count:
&123, &223, &323, etc,
or &123, &456


    The Ball is used on the 1st step of back breaks and side breaks.
    On back breaks, keep the weight forward by using mostly the ball.  The heel may lightly touch down with very little or no weight.
    Ball Flat or Ball is used on the 1st step of forward breaks.
    Ball-flat-Ball is used on traveling pivots.
    Ball-flat is used on all other steps.

    Feet are slightly turned out through (at 11 & 1) to facilitate hip action.  Keep feet in contact with the floor using slight downward pressure.

Technical Tips:

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Some of My Favorite Hustle Songs:

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Bronze Syllabus Figures:

Exercises for Hustle Technique
. Back Break
    b. Side Break
    c. Forward Break

Syllabus Figures:

1.   Hesitation
2.   The Wheel
3.   Underarm Combo (She go, He go, She go)
4.   Leaders Behind the Back Pass to Follower's Bridge
5a. Cross Body Lead
5b. Cross Body Lead to Open Break and Return
6.   Return to Face Loop

7.   Double Hand Hold Bridge
8.   The Whip
9a.  Cradle with Continuous Left
9b.  Cradle In & Out
10.  Back Spot Turn
11.  Grapevine
12.  Sliding Doors
Cross Body Lead with Inside Turn
14a.  Shadow & Comb
14b.  Shadow with Free Spin
15.  New York Walk