What are Your Dance Goals?

"The one who aims at nothing is sure to hit it!"   

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What to Look For in an Excellent Dance Teacher

I raise this question because, from that very first summer Saturday afternoon in 2005 that I discovered dancing and until this day, my purposes for dancing have changed dramatically.  Or, to say it another way, the reasons I started dancing in the first place have evolved a great deal since then and are still in progress.

I suggest that you reflect upon all the reasons you want to dance.  What do you hope to gain from this expenditure of time, effort, commitment, and money?


Your reflections will provide you with your own self-motivation to dance even more and for reasons that meet your heart's desires.  And over time, with more dancing experience and dance education, you will be amazed at what you have accomplished.

 * * *

There is more to say on this subject which I will continue later.  Consider my early thoughts listed below.

notes for later:

Are they measurable goals?  Do you have a plan for accomplishing your goals?  Do you want or need someone to go along the journey with you?

physical, health, mental, emotional, physical fitness, weight loss

social, finding a 'Mate" and dance partner, develop adequate social dance skills

progress to ballroom intermediate or higher level skills, dance education, competition, to teach, to gain professional certification, performance and exhibition teams

travel, status and recognition,  etc. . .?