Night Club Two Step

Used by Permission and adapted from the Dance Vision International Dance Association -  Bronze Manuals.

For Those Slow Love Songs and Ballads

 Night Club Two-Step (NC-2)

NC-2 (not to be confused with Country-Western Tw0-Step) is a very practical social or club dance. It is designed for Soft Rock Love songs that are too slow for the other ballroom dances. Learn this dance well and you will transfer most of the concepts and technical skills to all of the other dances. The rhythm is simple and rarely changes.
You could use this as an alternative to Rumba as the tempo and rhythm pattern is essentially the same.

Dance Characteristics:

The hold is relaxed and informal with the usual offset stance. The simple, non-movements can be danced very close.

Musical Information:

Time sig: 4/4
Tempo: 64-88 bpm (16-22 mpm)
Timing: 1&2, 3&4, 5&6, 7&8
Beat Value: 1/2, 1/2, 1
Alternate teaching counts: Rock step, side step; side step rock step or QQS, QQS

Technical Tips:

a)  Begin with slight compression in the hands to
begin the first rock steps.
b)  Allow the frame to gently open and contract during the rock steps.
c)  Create slight compression on the side steps decreasing the distance between partners to prepare for the next expansion.
d)  Do not lower heels during rock steps.
e)  The frame is informal but keep tone in frame and elbows in front of the body at all times to aid in leading and following.
f) Use a slight sway on the side steps to create the romantic feel.
g) The free arm can be gracefully extended to the side.

Some of My Favorite Night Club Two-Step Songs:

1. Lady in Red by Chris De Burgh
2. Let It Grow by Eric Clapton
3. Amazed by Lone Star

Bronze Syllabus Figures:

1. Basic Rhythm (side touches) 1-2, 1-2
2. 2-Step Basic (in 3 dance positions)
3. Outside UAT (with Inside UAT variation)
4. Opening Out right and left.
5. Shadow position
6. Flip-Flop in place (opposition break)
7. Shoulder Check
8. Cradles (cuddle position)
9. Traveling Crosses left and right
10. Inside UAT
11. UAT & ladies spin
12. Through the window
13. Opposition and travel to the right
14. Push Spin
15. Criss Cross and UAT

Variations for Social Dancing:

Sway step, syncopated sways, slide rocks, and simple traveling steps rotating right, and dip.