Class Fees

Three Ways to Go:  Private Lessons, Group Classes, or Form your own Mini-Group.

Group Lessons

35$ for 3 weeks, 45$ for a 4 weeks, 55$ for 5 weeks, 65$ for 6 weeks, per person.  It varies depending on the # of sessions in any given month. 

Cash or Check, we do not take plastic.

Fees are due at the 1st session of the series or your first night of classes. Drop -in fee is 15$, per session for those who want a taste, or miss the 1st, 2nd night of class.

Please note: If you must be absent, class fees are NOT carried over to the next week/month.

 Private lessons:
$50 per hr -
for 1 or 2 people.

Prepaid discount package on Private Lessons
5 privates for 225$ (10% discount).
10 for $400. (20% discount)

Mini-Group Lessons are your own private group of 4 - 6 people

Class fee is 65$ per person, (for 6 weekly sessions). The group leader may add couples on the 2nd week at 60$ per person. Your group picks the dances and we invite you to continue on in 6 week segments.